If you happen to be trying out for the job of a cashier at a departmental store, restaurant, public library, school, college, or multiplex cinema, you have come to the right place as this page provides with not only the job particulars of a cashier but also with a sample cashier resume.

Job Particulars of a Cashier
A cashier is supposed to write out the bills for the customers and total their purchases, as well as fill in the details for the charge and sales tax forms. The cashier of a given business enterprise also has to make sure that the customer has not paid less than the total amount specified to him / her in the bill as well as maintain a steady flow of change. Their job is seeing to the balance of the cash drawers.

When it comes to check usage of customers, the cashier should be comfortable with swiping cards and processing debit and credit cards. Swiping and using bar code readers is essential, especially at book selling outlets and groceries where virtually every item is bar-coded. The ability to identify and snag counterfeit cash or bounce worthy checks is also a highly crucial skill a cashier must possess.

Skills required for a Cashier Position:
  • Brilliant at accounting and basic arithmetic
  • Calm and clear of mind so as to not accidentally jumble up details of one purchase with another
  • Ability to multitask
  • Organizational skills
  • People's person: The ability to deal with unruly customers and persuade them to comply with the rules, guidelines and set price tags for an item on sale at the venture
  • Good communication skills
Cashier Resume Sample
Without further ado, here is a sample for preparing a cashier resume sample:

Contact Information
Name: Sandra Giselle Hayes
Address: 324 Lincoln Avenue, Park Ridge, Chicago, Illinois (Note: Not a real address)
Email Contact: sandyneutralownage@rmail.com
Date of Birth: 5/19/1982

To serve a respected institutions and its esteemed patrons with the fullest of my potential and dedication while utilizing my skills to the hilt.

  • Exceptional comfort in use of figure
  • Efficient organizational skills
  • Decent bookkeeping skills
  • Socially adept with impressive persuasive power
  • Knowledgeable in accounting theories and popular practices relating to the same
4 years working as a cashier at K-Mart, 121 Down Street, Park Ridge, Chicago, Illinois (Not a real K-Mart)
Other: Initially started out as a trainee cashier and then graduated onto a cashier after a period of six months. I was promoted to the position of Head Cashier of The Women's Clothing and Accessories Section after two years of taking up the cashier position.

High School Diploma, McKinley High, Lima, Ohio (Not a real high school)

Mrs. Edna Crawley, Superintendent, K-Mart, 121 Down Street, Park Ridge, Chicago, Illinois

Note that a cashier resume, no matter how carefully and skillfully prepared, will ultimately only serve as an enhancing tool for the practical knowledge and personality dynamics of the job applicant while giving the interview for the vacant cashier job. So once you have an impressive cashier resume under your belt, build up on your confidence and theoretical knowledge and take the desired business organizations of your choice by storm!

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