The director's job needs lots of skills and care. It is one of those exacting jobs found in all industries such as commercial, education, sports, health and science, arts, movie and television, and manufacturing.  Director is a specialized position assigned to a person who is well-educated and have loads of experience.  According to the area of specialization, a person can work and manage the following department: finance, sales and marketing, human-resource,  information technology, and many more.  In short, the director is the head of the department who controls the operations of entire, or any one section of an organization. He/She is responsible to make policies suitable for the business, set goals and targets, cut cost and meet the budget, assign work to senior members of the organization, and monitor the performance of the department. The role of the director is important for the success of the business. Therefore, the employers' expectations from this position are  high. This shows how important it is to write a winning director resume when applying for this pivotal position.

Writing a director resume is a responsible and sensible job. The resume should be nothing less than  absorbing. You must take every possible chance to make an impression on the employers in a few seconds. If you are confident about your skills and abilities, show it in the resume and free yourself from worrying whether you would be called or not for an interview.
  • To start with the director resume, think something that would summarize your experience, passion and future hopes in a short sentence. This will be your career objective. Let the employers know that you are willing to share your skills and knowledge for the benefit of the company. For a company director position, the objective should be similar to this sentence, "As an experienced director, I would like to handle the operations of the marketing department, and set a goal that will help the company to cut cost, achieve targets, and meet deadlines within set budget."
  • Next, you will describe your skills and abilities that are easy and natural to have for someone seeking a director's position. Few of the most common skills that should be read by the employers are: leadership, time-management, communication, coordination, computer, interpersonal, business development, policy making, problem-solving, budget drafting, analytical and logical reasoning, etc.
  • After this, plan how you will mention your work experience. These days, chronological order is the buzz of the industries. This means, you will state the recent job first and so on. Name the title, company with its address and the date worked. Describe the work you have done. Make it readable by using bullet points. Pick each duty one-by-one and develop it a sentence using action words. For example, a finance director's duties will read something like this:
    • Designed policies and set short and long term financial goals for the department.
    • Analyzed and implemented effective changes in the procedures of bookkeeping, ledger posting, payroll and budget and cost
    • Prepared quarterly budget for financial department, and enforced its implementation
    • Monitored expenses of production, advertising, and planned for sales revenue
    Remember, the director resume can run into numbers of pages depending on your experience, since it is the senior-most position.

  • Education is another key factor to win the job. For a director's position, the employers expect to see a master's degree related to your field. Some may also prefer affiliations and membership of a professional or social organization. State all the detail in the director resume to make it attractive.

    This ends our discussion about writing a director resume. For actual sample resume.  you can visit, and find varieties of director resume each written to cater for the variety of industries.

Clerks are the multi-talented people who assist in the smooth functioning of the entire department in an organization. They perform all types of works ranging from clerical to administrative. They may even carry and execute orders of more than one boss at a time.  The reserves clerks position is no different from any other clerk. These reserves clerks are hired by banks, manufacturing and the service industries.   A high school diploma or on-the-job training can avail you the reserves clerk position. However, you need to send a reserves clerk resume.

The reserves clerk resume is written to convey your interest for the position you are trained and experienced in. It is sent whenever  there is any job opening,  or just to let the company save your profile in their data bank so that they may contact you in the future if similar position gets vacant.

To write the reserves clerk resume, you need to learn the tricks from the resume writing tips. Few resume templates is also needed to grasp the layout and the order in which the work experience, educational, and other details should be listed. The ideal resume format for people who want to continue in the similar position they are trained and experienced in is the chronological format. Going through a sample of this format will make you realize what information you need to mention first.

Here is a sample of reserves clerk resume written to educate and inform you about the style of writing that is prevalent in the job market.

Reserves Clerk Resume Sample

Jonathan L. Shellman
4191 Steve Hunt Road
Miami, FL 33179
Phone: (305) XXX-2578


I am looking for a reserves clerk position where I can contribute my knowledge and experience for the growth of the company.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Extremely talented and hard-working reserves clerk with five+ years of experience
  • Knowledge of clerical and administrative works from two different establishments
  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills
  • Thorough knowledge and experience in operating office equipments
  • Vast ability to organize and prioritize work
  • Excellent computer and typing skills
  • Adept in conversing effectively and succinctly with clients, staff and management
  • Remarkable data entry and management skills

Work Experience

Reserves Clerk
Natures' Resort,  Miami, FL
2009 – Present
  • Answer phone calls and emails of clients for room reservation and social gathering
  • Greet customers and inform them about the services available
  • Arrange and coordinate sight-seeing programs for guests
  • Make flight and train reservations on customers' request
  • Schedule traveling arrangements and make provisions for tickets
  • Organize tour booking and collect advance payment from customers
  • Prepare and handover receipt for payment collected for guests
  • Ensure quick and efficient customer services to guests at resort
  • Manage clerical and other duties as required 
  • Maintain the reputation of the resort by providing excellent customer service\
  • Take feedbacks from clients, and implement their suggestions to enrich their staying experience in resort
  • Visit corporate companies and speak to the concerned manager to inform about the services provided in the resort
  • Plan schemes and offer a discount on bulk-booking 
  • Contribute in the preparation of the marketing materials working with the marketing team
  • Deposit checks, cash, and credit card slips in the bank 
  • Make entries in the register and computer for numbers of guests checked-in and checked-out

Reserves Clerk
Friends' Bank, Miami, FL
2007 – 2009
  • Follow the Federal Reserve regulations imposed on bank and its branches in maintaining a certain limit of reserve funds
  • Compile records and inform the manager about reserves fund status
  • Maintain the limitation and requirements of cash orders from branches by reviewing it 
  • Enter details of cash orders in the computer system
  • Type letters and emails for corresponding with the Federal Reserve Bank for cash requirements
  • Debit and credit respective accounts according to bank regulations
  • Update and maintain records of cash balance with Federal Reserve Bank
  • Enter details of cash orders in the computer system


High School Diploma
Liberty High School, Miami, FL

Diploma in Computer Applications
Brain-Tech Institute, Miami, FL

On request

Looking at this reserves clerk resume, we can say that this candidate has worked in two different organizations related to services. If you have any work experience of a manufacturing industry, add it as well. For reserves clerk position, any experience does matters. 
Many job applicants find it difficult to draft a resume. But if proper resume writing steps are followed to draft a resume, then you will find it easy to draft a resume. The market analyst resume should focus on the applicant's professional skills, achievement, and work experience.

Market Analyst Sample Resume

Contact Details:

Name: John M. Darby
Address: 3957 Brookside Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Home: (205) 342 2709
Mobile No.: (205) 342 1438

Professional Summary
  • Proficient in conducting market research and estimating new market trends
  • Over seven years of work experience as Market Analys
  • Certified Market Analyst
  • Won recognition for excellent market research from GRS Company Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2011

Work Experience

Title: Market Analyst
Name of Organization: GRS Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: January, 2008 to present
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Conduct market research and develop new business plans
  • Evaluate competitors and customer data
  • Use different methods to analyze market research data
  • Forecast market trends as per the analysis of statistical data
  • Train junior market analyst
  • Send market analysis report to the management

Title: Assistant Market Analyst
Name of Organization: SWC Corporate House
Duration: June, 2004 to January, 2008
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Analyze market data and send research report to the supervisor
  • Conduct research work and get feedback from customers
  • Attend meetings to study new marketing trends
  • Attending seminars to discuss new marketing plans
  • Send market research report to the supervisor

  • Masters in Business Administration, University of Alabama, 2004
  • Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Alabama, 2002


  • Good communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Hard working
  • Analysis skills

Computer Skills

  • Proficient in using market analysis software
  • MS Office
  • Tally
  • Internet


Certified Market Analyst from ASW Institute

Member of Market Analyst Association

Name: Andrew M. Martin
Title: Human Resource Manager
Name of Organization: GRS Company Pvt. Ltd.
Address: 3394 Lake Forest Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Mobile No.: (205) 342 1478

Name: Ricky J. Dixon
Title: HR Head
Name of Organization: SWC Corporate House
Address: 4593 Settlers Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Mobile No.: (205) 342 8459

The market analyst resume that is mentioned above should be considered as guideline to draft your resume. After drafting your resume, make it a point to proofread your resume.
The Air Traffic Controllers are recruited by Federal Aviation Association (FAA). To apply for this job profile you need relevant work experience and relevant education background. Therefore, it is important to focus on these details in your resume. By including detail about certification and association membership, you improve your chances of getting selected for the job.

Air Traffic Controller Sample Resume

Contact Details:

Name: Morgan A. Cortez
Address: 3520 Lilac Lane, Savannah, GA 31405
Home: (912) 497 6102
Mobile No.: (912) 497 7745

Professional Summary:
  • Over seven years of professional experience as Air Traffic Controller
  • Proficient in managing and coordinating the work of air traffic management team

Work Experience:

Title: Air Traffic Controller
Name of Organization: Federal Aviation Administration, Georgia Airport
Duration: October, 2004 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Monitor the work of control room
  • Use different radar tool to stay in touch with the aircraft pilots
  • Sequence the arrival of different aircrafts
  • Create the flight schedule
  • Monitor and control the movement of different aircrafts on the airport taxiways
  • Maintain data of flights
  • Keep the pilot informed about runway conditions and weather conditions
  • Keep the management informed about various technical issues
  • Work in coordination with the ground team, pilots, and technicians
  • Suggest appropriate route to the pilot
  • Inform about route change in case of any emergency or weather constraints
  • Using radar and different instruments to reach for missing aircrafts
Education Details:

Degree in Aviation Technology from GTD Technical Institute (FAA Certified), 2004

  • Good technical knowledge about air traffic control
  • Able to make quick decisions
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Able to work in coordination with different departments
  • Able to work under stress and handle crisis
Computer Skills:
  • MS Office
  • Proficient in using internet
  • Weather monitoring software


Certified Air Traffic Controller from FAA


Member of NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association)


Name: Devin A. Nowakowski
Title: Human Resource Manager
Name of Organization: Federal Aviation Administration, Georgia Airport
Address: 4367 Mercer Street, Savannah, GA 31405
Mobile No.: (912) 497 1123

Name: Donald D. Carrizales
Title: Administrative Head
Name of Organization: Federal Aviation Administration, Georgia Airport
Address: 1685 Woodside Circle, Savannah, GA 31405
Mobile No.: (912) 497 3481

The air traffic controller resume should draw attention to the applicant's academic background and professional experience. You must proofread your resume twice and remove all mistakes in your resume.
Businesses need people who could greet and attend their visitors. And the people who are employed by them to look after this job are the desk clerks. Desk clerks meet clients when they step in the premises and make them comfortable. They usher visitors to the respective departments after identifying the purpose of visit, and even accompany them in the facility tour. Opportunity to work in this position is available in industrial, commercial, real estate, hospitality, and health care organizations. The best thing about this job is that you do not have to hold a degree as eligibility criteria. A high school diploma with a neat and impressive desk clerk resume is all that required to apply.

Since the desk clerks are the first point of contact, you must be neat and smart in appearance. The way you are groomed would speak a lot about the organization you are serving in. Your personality along with the skill of speaking clearly and politely will impress visitant. You may have all these qualities in you, but until and unless you show it in the desk clerk resume, you will not be able to gain the job.

Now, how will you impress the recruiters with your skills? You will find the answer by analyzing yourself while writing the desk clerk resume. A few minutes of introspection will provide you ideas on your suitability for the job. Make a note of skills that you believe will be an advantage to compete for the position. When you are ready with the list, search for a business resume format and writing tips. You will understand how to begin and end your resume. For sample resume, read this desk clerk resume.

Desk Clerk Resume Sample

John T. Baker
3145 Wood Duck Drive
Marquette, MI 49855
Phone: (906) XXX-2578


I am looking for a desk clerk position where I can help the organization to earn good reputation with my customer service skills.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Attractive and beautifully groomed young man
  • Excellent voice quality and office etiquettes
  • Active listener and good communication skills
  • Experienced in performing administration and clerical tasks
  • Complete knowledge of office equipments and computer
  • Good typing and interpersonal skills
  • Amiable and cooperative person and ready to work in team
  • Efficacy with full of customer service skills

Work Experience

Desk Clerk
High-end Entertainment Resort, Marquette, MI
2009 – Present
  • Greet and monitor customers in the premises
  • Assist and accompany visitors to the respective facility
  • Use discretion in allowing entry to visitors
  • Answer phone calls to provide information about the report
  • Enter visitors’ details in the register, and announce their names at the desk in case of emergency
  • Receive packages and get it stored by deploying workers
  • Book rooms for guests over the telephone 
  • Make entries in the register for check-in and check-out
  • Prepare bills and accept cash and credit card payments
  • Attend to customers’ complaints politely and solve the matter
  • Accept and forward messages to guests and staff
  • Ensure the reception area in neat and clean 
  • Check and make towels, soap and shampoos available in rooms

Desk Clerk Assistant
Pearl Hotel, Marquette, MI
2007 – 2009
  • Assisted in making room reservations
  • Greeted customers and ensured their stay in the hotel is comfortable
  • Coordinated with room service and housekeeping staff for customer service
  • Entered daily expenses for respective room in the custom software for billing purpose
  • Verified and requested customers’ identity as required
  • Monitored and protected valuables and guest properties

High School Diploma
ABC Convent School, Marquette, MI

On request

You can alter this desk clerk resume to apply in any firm or company of your choice. Possibly, you may have to shoulder extra responsibilities according to the scale of the organization you are applying to. So, get information about additional responsibilities beforehand to tailor the desk clerk resume.
To apply for the post of Flight Instructor you should have technical knowledge about aircraft flying, license and teaching skills. Most companies recruiting flight instructors are looking for candidates who have experience of aircraft flying and can provide appropriate training to students. Along with your professional experience and education details, your resume must also include your certification, license and professional association details (if any). You need to have relevant degree or training to apply for such job profile. To ease the resume writing process, you may make a list of details that you wish to include in your resume. The flight instructor resume that we have mentioned below has been created considering important points that need to be laid emphasis on in resume for the flight instructor.

Flight Instructor Sample Resume

Contact Information:

Name: Robert M. Harris
Address: 759 Center Avenue, Fresno, CA 93721
Home: (559) 344 1569
Mobile No.: (559) 344 9945

Job Objectives:

I would like to work as Senior Flight Instructor with well-known flight training academy, where I can utilize my training skills and technical knowledge.

Work Experience:

Designation: Senior Flight Instructor
Name of Organization: California Flight Training Academy
Tenure: November, 2007 to till date
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Design different training programs
  • Provide guidelines and instructions to the students before beginning of training session
  • Ensure safety of students and provide appropriate guidelines to them
  • Provide training to students and make them understand technicality of flight take off and landing
  • To monitor progress of students and send their training report to the management
Designation: Flight Instructor
Name of Organization: Wilson Flight Training Academy
Tenure: July, 2002 to October, 2007
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Provide ground training to students about technical features of aircraft
  • To provide demo and training to students about flying aircraft
  • To inspect the aircrafts before students practice sessions
  • Help the students to prepare for flight license exam
  • Provide instructions about safety measure 
  • Provide guideline about steps to be taken in case of any emergency

Master of Aviation, University of California, 2002
Bachelor of Aviation, University of California, 2000


Air Transport Pilot's License from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)


Name: Fred S. White
Designation: Human Resource Manager
Name of Organization: California Flight Training Academy
Address: 1126 Green Avenue, Fresno, CA 93721
Mobile No.: (559) 344 1574

Name: Glen D. Wilson
Designation: HR Head
Name of Organization: Wilson Flight Training Academy
Address: 489 Cherry Avenue, Fresno, CA 93721
Mobile No.: (559) 344 9431

The sample of flight instructor resume can be referred for guidance. By referring this sample you can create a unique, effective, customized resume. Keep sometime aside to read your resume and get rid of all the mistakes in your resume.
Job as a trust operations assistant brings in lots of responsibilities, including administrative, clerical, and accounting. When the position covers such huge areas, it is obvious that people applying for the assistant’s position in a trust industry should have a wide array of knowledge. In this position, you will be in command for opening and closing trust’s accounts. In addition, you will be asked to maintain and update all financial records and asset transfers along with clerical duties. This includes drafting letters, email to customers and fulfilling the formalities for loan disbursement. To apply, you should have an associate degree, and a well-written trust operations assistant resume.

The trust operations assistant resume should explain the contribution you have made for your employers. It should cover all the above-mentioned features to show that you are a perfect fit for the position. Thus, when writing the work history, you should start by naming the title or designation hold, the name of the organization you have worked for, and the period. Make sure that the latest job appears first when writing the work history.
Describe the operations handled with action verbs. Do not just mention it simply in few words. See that you complete the sentence when mentioning each responsibility. That way, the readability will be better and interesting.

The work history, and the career objective, together plays a role in deciding the fate of the applicants. If you want the destiny to work in your favor, try to write a clean, precise and impressive objective. Overall, the trust operations assistant resume must influence the potential employers to offer you the job. This sample of a trust operations assistant resume will bring you some luck.

Trust Operations Assistant Sample Resume

Fred M. Faulkner
4738 Parkway Street
Yermo, CA 92398
Phone: (760) XXX-5729


Seeking for a trust operations assistant position, and help the organization in managing administrative, accounting, and clerical tasks with years of experienced accrued by working in the trust industry.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Knowledge of accounting and administrative duties
  • Hard-working, reliable and proficient worker
  • Excellent computer and communications skills 
  • Professional and courteous mannerism and attire
  • Ability to gel with clients and staff readily and quickly
  • Entire knowledge of trust operations
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to win confidence of staff and trustees
Work Experience
Trust Operations Assistant
Golden Trust Company Ltd., Yermo, CA
2008 – Present
  • Manage and update trust’s accounts, including closing, opening and transferring assets
  • Perform clerical and administrative duties of the trust
  • Assist in preparing account’s statements such as payment bills, interest and dividend 
  • Enter and update information in the computer regarding trust’s assets, and members’ personal information such as addresses and contact numbers
  • Communicate with trustees and customers by calls, email and letters in order to arrange transfer of securities to and from trust accounts
  • Manage records for funds distributed and received 
  • Draft business letters and newsletter to inform trust events to clients
  • Answer phone calls and satisfy customers’ queries
  • Provide investment information to customers about calling the investment department
  • Represent customers in selling or buying investments
  • Handle account’s operations as instructions provided by the trust administrator
  • Deposit checks, funds into respective accounts
Associate Degree in Accounts
ABC Community College, Yermo, CA

On request

Resume should help in building your image in the readers’ mind when it is read. They should feel as if reading a personal story of the writer. Then only the motive behind writing the trust operations resume can be achieved. If you can relate this sample resume with your job profile, modify it for your needs.
The press secretary resume must be drafted considering important points that need to be mentioned in resume for such job profile. Resume writing may be a difficult task for many. But by short listing important details that you wish to include in your resume, this task can be simplified.

The press secretary resume can be divided into following sections:

Contact Information: Your name, correspondence address, residential address, home and cell-phone number, and email-id are provided in this section. It is important to mention these details as the employer will need them to contact you, once you are short listed for the interview. Therefore it is important that you do not make any mistake, when you are mentioning details in this section.

Professional Summary/ Job Objective: Candidates with several years of work experience need to mention professional summary details and entry-level candidates should mention job objective details. By mentioning your professional highlight at top of the resume, you improve your chances of getting selected for the job. By reading job objective details the employer must be able to understand your suitability for the job.

Work Experience: It is important to mention relevant work experience details. Hence, when you are mentioning your work experience details list down your duties as a press secretary. Mention details about your duties such as promoting your client through various mediums, writing press promotion material and creating campaign for promotion of client. Entry-level candidates can mention their internship experience details.
Academic Background: The academic details must be mentioned in reverse chronological order. Entry-level candidates must lay emphasis on relevant academic details. You should provide details about your academic achievements and relevant project details.

Skills and Achievements: Skills relevant to the job profile must be listed under this section. Bullet points can be used to list such details. It helps to get the employers attention. Even achievements can be listed separately. It helps to improve your chance to get selected for the job.

Association and Certification: Membership of any relevant professional association should be mentioned in the resume as it would be considered as an additional advantage. Specialization certifications must be listed separately as it helps to highlight them and improve readability of your resume.

References: References must be provided at the end of the resume. You need to list references from your previous organization. Make sure that you provide name and contact details of those who will provide positive feedback about you.

The press secretary resume section details that are provided above will help you to draft an effective resume.
The job prospects in jewelry designing and mold making is estimated to grow by 5% as per a recent survey. The employers are looking for skilled workers with knowledge about traditional jewelry design and new technical jewelry making tools. The model mold maker resume provided below has been created to highlight the candidate’s professional expertise and proficiency in using new technology for jewelry designing.

Sample model mold maker resume

Contact Information:

Name: Theodore D. Gardner
Address: 3263 Waterview Lane
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Home: (505) 454 2015
Cell No.: (505) 402 1948

Professional Summary:
  • Over ten years of work experience as model mold maker in the jewelry industry
  • Through knowledge about jewelry mold creation, inspection and gem estimation
  • Ability to work in a team and to supervise work of the junior mold maker
Work Experience:

Designation: Model Mold Maker
Name of the Company: Ronald Jewelers Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: January, 2006 to present
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Creating mold design sketch and submitting it to the supervisor
  • Using new jewelry making techniques to create jewelry molds
  • Supervising work of artisans at the work shop and provide them tips about mold creation
  • Using computerized software to scan and check various mold design and gems
  • Providing weekly work completion report to the administrative team
Designation: Assistant Model Mold Maker
Name of the Company: DCH Jewelers
Duration: June, 2000 to January, 2006
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Study the jewelry design sketch provided and create molds accordingly
  • Make use of various jewelry designing tool to create different molds to attach gems in it
  • Make use of computer and technical equipment to check gem and mold structures
  • Get the molds created inspected by the supervisor
  • Inform the management about work progress

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Jewelry Design), Wilkinson College, 2000


Certified Bench Jeweler Technician from Jewelers of America


George W. Fox
HR Manager
Ronald Jewelers Pvt. Ltd.
115 Sand Lane
Las Vegas, NM 87706
Cell No.: (505) 444 4499

Peter N. Ken
HR Head
DCH Jewelers
453 Samuel Avenue
Las Vegas, NM 87703
Cell No.: (505) 444 8899

The model mold maker resume the is provided here has been created after considering important points that need to be focused in resume for the post of model mold maker.
Even though people in the advertising field are expert at designing and creating advertisement, they might find it difficult to draft a professional resume. To draft a resume you should know what details should be included in it. You can refer the sample classified advertising supervisor resume provided below to draft your resume.

Sample Advertising Supervisor Resume

Contact Information:

Name: Michael N. Jones
Address: 3734 Saint Clair Street
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Home: (662) 528 9765
Cell No.: (662) 425 1842

Professional Summary:
  • Around six years of professional experience in the advertising field
  • Complete understanding about work in advertising industry and experience of working on various advertising projects
  • The advertisement for the ABC Soft drink company received best advertisement award in the year 2010
Work Experience:

Title: Classified Advertising Supervisor
Name of Company: ATC Media Company Pvt. Ltd.
Duration: March, 2008 to till date
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Coordinating and managing work of the sales team
  • Making sure that the sales team is able to achieve their advertising sales target
  • Attending meeting with the clients to understand their advertisement ideas and requirements
  • Reviewing the final advertisement created by the advertising team
  • Ensure that the advertising projects are completed within time and budget
  • Attending meeting with the management to develop monthly target for all the advertising associates
Title: Assistant Classified Advertising Supervisor
Name of Company: New Media Group
Duration: August, 2005 to March, 2008
Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Editing press releases, in-house newsletters, articles, advertisements and annual reports
  • Working with the creative team to design different advertisement ideas
  • Submitting advertisement project progress details to the client
  • Coordinating with the technical team to develop web-based advertisements
  • Attending seminars on new emerging advertising trends
  • Sending daily and weekly work progress report to the manager

Master of Advertising, University of Mississippi, 2005
Bachelor of Advertising, University of Mississippi, 2002


Member of Mississippi Classified Advertising Association


Robert D. Yost
HR Head
ATC Media Company Pvt. Ltd.
2210 Pinewood Drive
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Cell No.: (662) 425 9856

Donald L. Richards
HR Manager
New Media Group
2210 Pinewood Drive
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Cell No.: (662) 425 4596

The classified advertising supervisor resume mention above should be drafted appropriately considering vital details that need to focus upon in resume for such job profiles.