_ A certified public accountant is the one who maintains all the financial records of the company. They work under various specialized areas such as taxes, bookkeeping or financial planning. They also in most cases provide consultancy to small businesses. A certified public accountant resume should be drafted in keeping in mind the job profile they are applying for. One also should be aware of the requirements of the firm and if their profile fits the criteria.

A certified public accountants resume is generally divided in the following categories:

Objective: Objective is an important part of any good resume. It is a one or two line sentence or statement that tells about the candidate’s aspirations. Employers get a clear picture of the candidate’s present standing and what they would like to achieve in the near future. Objectives are put right in the beginning of the resume to give a good opening for your resume and create a better impact. As mentioned before, the objectives should be put effectively with a lot of thought.

Skills and Qualifications: Skills and qualifications are the heart of a good resume. Certified public accountants need to possess a good accounting degree backed with all the necessary skills required for the job. They should be excellent in problem solving, time management and analytical skills.

Experience: Experience is the next factor that carries a lot of importance in this profile. The more experience a candidate has, the more responsible they turn. With experience also come perfection and the ability to solve problems quickly. When listing the experience one should note that all previous experience is mentioned in chronological order, starting from the latest. The duties and responsibilities undertaken with each organization can also be highlighted to form a good impact.

Education: Candidates have to mention about all the certifications and degrees attained in their career. It is advisable to put only the relevant certifications and degrees apt for the job.

Areas of interest: Areas of interest need to be listed precisely without explaining it in detail. It should be short and also self explanatory. It is not necessary that candidates should mention only the interest related to the job profile. Other interest can also be listed.

References: References prove effective from the employer’s point of view. The reference name put on the resume can be a previous boss or a person holding a high position in a certain organization wherein the employers can contact the reference to get an opinion of the candidate. References can be listed on the resume or can be furnished at a later date. Candidates should also note that the person whose name is mentioned as a reference is someone who appreciates your work and might give a good opinion of your conduct.

Apart from this one can add achievements and affiliations to create a better impact on the employer. Adding an Introduction and a summary is also the base of a good certified public accounting resume.

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