__ Cashier job opportunities are available in various places such as restaurants, shopping malls, stores, and banks. But the check cashier job profile is found only in banks. To apply for these jobs you need to be a graduate and possess a degree in accounting, finance, commerce or economics. Previous work experience in the banking industry or work experience as a cashier in a departmental store is considered by the recruiter. As jobs in the banking industries are well-paid, you would have to face tough competition. Hence, your check cashier resume must be appropriately drafted to stress on important details, so that the recruiter is tempted to read your resume.

As cashier is a person who regularly interacts with the customers, therefore the cashier should have good communication skills. Make sure along with your professional details, you mention interpersonal skills that are required for the job. Focus on your professional expertise. Let the employers know that you are aware about check clearance procedure, actions to be taken against fraud checks and procedure for depositing different checks. Your work experience details should be listed in reverse chronological order. You should mention the list of duties during your previous jobs. Include details about the reports you submitted to the management, and the banking reports you maintained.

Along with your education details you can mention certification details and computer proficiency. As there is tough competition in the banking field, including these details would prove to be beneficial. Cashiers have to deal with cash and checks; hence the recruiters are looking for honest and trustworthy candidate. Reference should be listed at the end of your resume. Provide the contact details of co-worker or supervisor from your previous jobs. You should mention their details such as name, designation, company's name, contact number and email-id. You should always include names of those co-workers from previous jobs, who would provide positive feedback about you.

The check cashier resume should be divided into sections like contact details, job objective (for entry level candidates) or professional expertise (for experience candidates), professional experience, academic background, skills and achievements, extra-activities, certifications, computer proficiency and references. Once you have decided on the points you wish to include in each of these sections, you should start drafting your check cashier resume. Use professional font style and keep the formatting simple. After you have completed drafting the resume go through it thrice to get rid of mistakes in it.Resume examples for free to draft your own resume.

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