As a dancer, you may be good in your dance moves, but when it comes to searching for the job, you often get a goose bump, especially with writing a dancer resume. Writing the dancer resume is always an overwhelming experience. As a dancer, you are a creative and expressive person. Whereas, there is no room for expression or creativity in the dancer resume. Stick around for a while, we will provide you a sample resume that will settle the goose bumps.
First, consider the dancer resume as your audition package. A well-written and neatly formatted resume will help in highlighting your skills for the position. It should focus on what you are best at. Since lots of people have accepted dance as their career, the competition in this artistic field is monstrous. If you want to prevail over others, make the dancer resume persuasive to top the selection list.

Next, consider the fact that employers are interested only in finding what you can do for them. If you read resume writing tips, you will find that a little research about the company you are applying to would help in creating a specific dancer resume.

As said earlier, here is the dancer resume sample you can emulate the style in your resume.

Dancer Resume

William S. Hollingsworth
877 Edgewood Road
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: (870) XXX-7359


As a dancer, I would like to implement all the moves in my dancing style as instructed by the choreographers to convey a story to the world through facial expression and body movements.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Passion for dance and music
  • Trained and experienced dancer in ballet, hip hop, free style and contemporary
  • Flexible and lean-built body to perform all moves with ease
  • Remarkable achievements of not repeating same moves in each dance act
  • Understand music and how to emote through face and body movements
  • Confident, enthusiastic, and willing to travel for dance shows
  • Active listener and great communicator
  • Good stamina and body coordination
Work Experience


Matz Dance Studio, Jonesboro, AR 
2009 – Present
  • Dance in coordination with the musical beats
  • Attend audition and participate in dance shows and competitions
  • Follow choreographer’s instruction while giving performance
  • Exercise, rehearse and synchronize with other dancers
  • Listen and understand the rhythm and song to inculcate the right feelings while dancing
  • Learn new dance form and lip-sing at dance shows
  • Perform acrobatic stunts on the stage
  • Act, emote and put some humor in dance
  • Apply and participate in dance competition, TV shows and in movie songs
  • Assist choreographer in organizing dance workshop
  • Visit local schools and teach dance to students

High School Diploma
Helen’s High School, Jonesboro, AR 


On request

If you have the moves, stamina and determination, you can eventually become a choreographer, and might open a dance studio of your own. To reach that point, you will have to start as a dancer. This dancer resume sample will help you to begin the journey. And if you have completed your dance course you can apply for choreographer post with the help of sample choreographer resume you can edit your resume and apply for the post.
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