Night auditors are professionals recruited at hotels or lodges to maintain track of financial transactions. Employers of small hotels recruit candidates with high school diploma, but five star hotels prefer candidates with degree in finance or accounting. These professionals are responsible for the bookkeeping. When you are writing your resume, you should mention details about your previous work experience in accounting or bookkeeping. Resume is an important document, as the recruiter first goes through your resume before calling you for an interview. Hence, drafting a well-written night auditor resume is an essential step towards getting the desired job.
Following are the sections you can divide your night auditor resume into:
  • Personal Details: This section should include your name, correspondence address, contact number, and email-id. You should mention these details at top, so that the employer is able to easily read them and call you for an interview.
  •  Job Objectives: This section should include your career goal in two to three sentences. Make sure you go through the job advertisement for the post of night auditor and make sure that your job objectives match with the job requirements mentioned in the advertisement.
  • Education: The academic details must be mention in reverse order. Most relevant and recent academic qualification should be mentioned at the top. Candidates with less work experience can stress on their academic achievements.
  • Professional Experience: The most recent and significant work experience details should be mentioned at the top, followed by rest of the work experience details. It is essential that you provide details of your roles and responsibilities. You can list these details using bullet points. Make sure you mention duties related to accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Achievements: Here you can mention your professional and personal achievements that would highlight your personality
  • Areas of Interests: The recruiters are looking for over all development of candidates in their resume. Hence, it is essential to mention your participation in sports or about your hobbies.
  •  References: The contact details of your associates from your previous jobs should be mentioned in your resume
The night auditor resume should emphasis candidates work experience details, academic details, professional expertise and skills. When you are drafting your resume, keep the formatting of your resume simple. Once you have finished writing your resume, you must proof read it. Sending a well-written, mistake-free, effective resume is an important part of the recruitment process.

Excellent tips on how to create a targetted resume!


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