Finance is a flourishing field that provides various well paid jobs. The competition amongst candidates applying for jobs in this field is tough, as several experienced and highly educated candidates look forward to work in this field. During the recruitment process, the recruitment team would go through several resumes that have similar work experience and education details. To get short listed for an interview, you must draft your resume considering essential points to be highlighted in the revenue agent resume. Your resume should focus on your work experience in auditing and reviewing business tax returns.

Professionals with relevant work experience as revenue agent must include important categories in their resume such as professional expertise, professional experience and professional achievements. Mention these details immediately after your personal details. Professional expertise should include details such as your expertise in finding falsified income tax returns and fake data in financial reports. You can even mention your expertise in using specialized software to analyze and estimate financial data. If you have received any award for excellent performance at work, you should list it in separate section. Use bullet points to list these details and improve readability.

When you are mentioning your work experience details, provide the list of companies you worked for, your designation in those companies and tenure at the company. If you have worked for regional, state or federal government, then highlight it in your resume sample. Most employees prefer recruiting candidates with a bachelor or master degree in relevant field such as accounts and finance, for the entry level revenue agent profile. Additional certification would provide you an edge over rest of the candidates. Hence, including your certifications and training details in your resume is important. Graduates with no work experience must focus on their academic achievements, qualification and internship details.

Under the work experience details, you must provide list of your responsibilities in your previous jobs. You can list duties such as auditing and reviewing financial transactions and tax returns, examining various account books and records to find the correctness of financial details provided by the company to the government, coordinating with other financial accountants to find the precision of the tax returns. Another important aspect of your resume is formatting. Most candidates make a mistake of just listing their work experience, academic and other details in the resume. But it is essential to have an appropriate formatting for the revenue agent resume. You must keep the formatting simple and professional. You need to leave appropriate amount of margin, highlight the section heading using bold font or underlining it, and to improve readability of the resume you must use bullet points to list details.

The revenue agent resume must draw attention to the candidates professional experience details, expertise, achievements, skills and academic details. Including details about certification, and training is also important. Once the resume is drafted, proofreading it is essential. Your resume should be to the point, readable and error-free.

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