An account manager holds an important position in an organization. He/she is responsible for the smooth functioning of an organization and works as a connecting link between the client and the team. This position commands authority and the will power to lead a team in the most effective manner. Accountant manager resume should reflect the candidates skills based on past work experiences. This would prove the highlight of the resume.

An accounting manager needs to be a good team player. They should resolve issues within the team and outside. It is also necessary that they take appropriate decisions that are favorable for the client and also for the organization. Good leadership qualities and managerial skills are quite essential for an account manager. This should be backed with good communication skills and a positive attitude to carry the work smoothly. Good communication is further essential to communicate important decisions to the top management and clients.

While drafting an account manager resume candidates should highlight their previous work experience. Generally a work experience of more than 3 years in this profile proves effective. Applicants should also make a point to list the duties and responsibilities undertaken during their tenure. This would help the employer decide if the candidate is fit for the job and ready to face the challenges lying ahead. Another good practice would be to highlight an important achievement such as an important project that was handled successfully or other achievements or recognition received as a manager.

Account managers should possess good people management skills. A good manager should always work in the best interest of the team. They need to insure that people working under them are motivated to work efficiently. Apart from commanding authority they should also be approachable and friendly. This combination although rare proves quite effective to perform all the tasks for an accounts manager.

The education and qualification required for a candidate to hold this position is a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Accountancy. Accounting Managers should possess a thorough knowledge and the basic of accountancy. Although they do not have to check all the accounting books and files on a regular basis it is important that an accounting manger knows even the minor responsibilities handled by an accounting clerk. This would help them to create a good rapport between the staff and communicate even major decision from the client in the most appropriate and planned manner.
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